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Early Quality Control Starts form Source



Yutong employees believe that bus as an investment product, the qualities of each spare parts not only bear upon its cost as well as the service lifetime and fuel efficiency of the complete bus but also bring the benefits to clients.

Therefore, Yutong starts from the source in controlling bus quality, chooses suppliers strictly and helps suppliers improve product quality.

Procurement is the basis to guarantee quality and is the source of bus manufacture process. In Oct. 2006, Yutong launched bold and decisive reform on procurement system, and made the Procurement Department for the united management of the quality, cost, delivery and channel of suppliers. The QC Department has the sole right for the selection, check, development and elimination of suppliers. Quality becomes the decisive factor for suppliers to exist in Yutong.

In order to enhance the ability of suppliers and to build a supplier team with ability, Yutong took the lead to establish Product Authentication Department to develop new suppliers. After two years’ optimization and exploration, the suppliers of main spare parts of the current products of Yutong are all top-ranking ones in the domestic industry. There is a set of complete and strict standards to the selection of suppliers, with the same process as car industry.

Regarding the management of suppliers, Yutong was the first to bring forward and carry out the integrated management for suppliers. Up to now, Yutong has built a full set of supplier management standards of bus industry. In particular, the dynamic management of suppliers formed a mobile supplier team for the company. Thus, excellent suppliers are able to get rapid promotion and enter into the supporting system of the company, while suppliers with poorer ability are eliminated quickly. In addition, Yutong has cultivated a batch of managing experts of suppliers and provided effective referential methods for many mainstream companies in the industry.

Yutong also creatively held the first “International Suppliers’ Forum” in the industry. Thirty-seven famous international suppliers were invited to take part in the “ability exhibition and products recommendation meeting”. The new products and techniques of these famous suppliers not only guaranteed the product quality of Yutong, but also pushed forward Yutong to become internationalized with higher standards.

Leading techniques at home and abroad guarantee the interests of clients

In order to enhance the durability & safety of vehicles, besides purchasing top-grade spare parts from home and abroad, Yutong changed the materials of wiring harness from common brass wire to thin-wall irradiated wire exclusive for buses (common wire begins aging after one year, while the service life of exclusive wire is three to five times longer than that of the common wire) from the latter half of 2006. Plug-in boards produced by famous international supplier TYCO are adopted for the plug-in and fastener in line with the standards of buses. Since the overall change in 2006, the Market Department has never received a complaint about the quality problem of wires of Yutong. The safety and durability of Yutong products are greatly enhanced and guaranteed.

Regarding the comfort of vehicles, Yutong also abides by international standard. In 2006, the company took the lead to bring forward inner-bus air quality control index based on the VDA Standard in bus industry, and has demanded suppliers to control air contaminant including formaldehyde, methylbenzene and xylene according to the standard of the car industry.

Complete testing process is the powerful guarantee for bus quality

At present, Yutong has a complete-set of spare parts testing facilities including chemistry testing laboratory, painting testing laboratory, electric equipments testing laboratory, metal mechanics testing laboratory, metal metallographic testing laboratory, non-metal material mechanical character testing laboratory and non-metal material degradation testing laboratory, and builds a set of fairly complete testing standards to launch spot check for the products of suppliers periodically. Now the testing ability of the spare parts and complete vehicle of Yutong is the strongest in bus industry. The followed Yutong National Testing Center will be completed and put into use, which will further enhance the testing ability of Yutong.

The exclusive techniques and standards of Yutong overall enhance product value

Since the domestic overall corrosion resistance standard for bus is low, Yutong launched all-round enhancement for the corrosion resistance performance of spare parts. In particular, part of the standards in the high corrosion resistance requirements for spare parts has far exceeded industry standard and standard for cars, even the international one.

It is well known that Cuba and Russia are two countries with extreme climate. Cuba is of maritime climate with high temperature, high humidity, strong sunshine and high salt mist. Vehicles with a ten-year service life can only be used for 3~5 years in Cuba. Russia is of high-latitude hiemal climate with long winter and short summer. Salt is always sprinkled onto road to melt snow in winter. Thus it is a harder test for vehicles. Among series models used in these countries, the corrosion resistance standard for the arms of Yutong wipers has been increased onto over 500 hours in NSS testing. Most of domestic bus companies do not have this standard. Besides, the corrosion resistance standard of Yutong brand has also been increased to above 148 hours in CASS testing, far exceeding the 72 hours of international standard. It is introduced that the wiper arm of Yutong can resist rust for five years in common using condition, and the brand can resist rust for eight years.

In 2007, in order to improve product quality, Yutong Company organized personnel to investigate Yutong vehicles and vehicles of other brands. The results showed that the overall fault rate of the use and matching of spare parts of Yutong Bus is much lower than buses of other brands. In fact, after years’ reform and innovation, the quality of Yutong Bus has reached the leading position of the industry. Excellent product quality and favorable public praise brought strong support for the sales performance of Yutong. In 2007, the sales volume of Yutong Group topped 12.5 billion, the sales volume of buses reached 25,522 by over 3000, and overseas sales amounted to 3319, ranking first in the industry. All these further solidified its status as “Top-brand Chinese Bus”. Relying on intensive and meticulous operation, Yutong has achieved ceaseless success.

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