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Build Beautiful Yutong and Love Green Homeland


Grass and trees turned green again, and another Tree-planting Day came. On the afternoon of Mar. 12, over 100 young employees of Yutong Company came to take part in the tree-planting activity “Build Beautiful Yutong  Love Green Homeland” outside the east enclosure of the No. 2 gate of Yutong Industrial Park, which was organized by the Youth League Committee of the company.

Everyone was busy with work in the planting spot: over 100 young employees used various tools including hoe, spade and bucket to loosen the soil, dig holes, plant and water trees. Tree-planting is not only a heavy work, but also needs skills. The employees mastered the skills in a short time under the guidance of professional tree-planting personnel of the company. Some supported trees with hands, some hilled up soil, and others watered trees. All planters cooperated with each other well and worked busily but orderly, which increased planting efficiency and greatly exceeded the schedule.

The planting activity is a part of the overall greening plan of the industrial park. According to the plan, two rows of privet will be planted on the out flank of the industrial park. With the efforts of employees, the whole area with a radius of 80m from the Park is planted with over 800 privets. Many employees were excited to beautify the company with their own hands. All of them stated that energy-saving and environment protection were advocated throughout the nation, and as a citizen and an employee of Yutong, it was their obligation and responsibility to take part in the tree-planting activity.

It is known that besides the tree-planting activity, the Youth League Committee of the company associated with Tongda Company (an affiliate company to Yutong) to carry out “Greenbelts Protection” activity in the Industrial Park: Tongda Company was responsible for restoring destroyed greenbelts in front of each workshop gate, while relevant sub branches of the Youth League Committee took charge of regular inspection and protection to green the Industrial Park.

Deliver value via services   Yutong’s sales volume reached new high

Yutong witnessed a big harvest in 2007. The annual turnover topped 12.5 billion, and the sales volume of buses reached 25,522 with an increase of over 3000. Regarding the domestic bus industry, the number fully embodies that the leading status of Yutong can not be replaced, and the stable increase in sales volume reflects customers’ trust in and recognition of Yutong Bus.

In the eye of Yutong, bus business is a production tool for investment. Though the safety, durability and economy of the products are important, any good products without the service assurance can achieve nothing. As far as this aspect is concerned, taking the needs of clients as key value concept, Yutong has established a complete service system linking up pre-sale, sale and after-sale after years' investment and accumulation, and provides people-first and professional services for customers during the purchase and after-sale process. Up to now, Yutong has established a closed service system with the most complete service contents, biggest service scale, smallest service radius and quickest service response speed in the industry, and has won the public praise of “golden service” among customers.

Diversified pre-sale services

Diversified pre-sale services are to customize profit schemes for clients according to their situations and to develop three-dimensional cooperation with clients. Each client will get more profit value as well as the product when buying a  Yutong bus.

Under the concept of “bus is a tool for profit rather than a vehicle”, the pre-sale service of Yutong not only provides detailed functions & features of the products for clients, but also customizes transportation scheme of the industry for the clients. The company tries its utmost to increase operation efficiency for the clients and customize special bus model for the clients' reference according to the operation environment and local market situation.

For example, Shenzhen has advanced economy and is characterized by high temperature and excessive rain, so people has high requirements on buses. After getting to know the demands of the local bus market, Yutong customized high-grade air-conditioned buses with heat and corrosion resistance for the client. Shenzhen Bus Group Co. Ltd, having a long-term cooperation with Yutong, is the first enterprise to adopt air-conditioned bus in the nation, and leads the country in both bus condition and service level.

Speedy and professional Sale Services

Pre-sale bus delivery group is the sale service link in the closed service system, embodying the specialty and enthusiasm of Yutong. In this link, bus delivery is required to be smooth and speedy. The Investigation Table of Pick-up Training for Clients shall be delivered to each client, so as to make the pre-sale bus delivery group has a full understanding of clients' requirements in order to provide perfect training service.

In Aug. 2007, after bus training under the guidance of Deliverer Chu Huamin, Mr. Liu, a Ningxia client said excitedly: “This is the second time I pick up buses in Yutong. The bus delivery training is so professional and in-time that all things from work principles to notices are provided for clients. What a considerate service!”

Yutong has realized that the fierce market competition has made clients expect high on bus delivery service. Therefore, besides daily bus delivery service, daily bus delivery group extended service scope to add ticket booking, station launching of special vehicles, account registration and number plate issue of local vehicles for clients, and cooperated with vehicle management bureau on number plate issue such as the photography of issued vehicles.

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