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Yutong Group Held Activity of Training & Enhancement of the Quality Ability of Suppliers 2008


From Mar. 12 to Mar. 13, Yutong Group held its first activity of training and enhancement of suppliers’ quality ability in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Over 60 medium and high-level managers of nearly 40 suppliers from Jiangsu Province and relevant experts of Yutong gathered together to discuss the enhancement of quality ability and receive training. The activity pulled up the curtain of series activities of the training and enhancement of suppliers’ quality ability in 2008.

It is strategic work to increasingly enhance the overall strength of supply chain. Focusing on the overall target of supply chain in 2008 --- to build associated and vertically integrated supply chain system, the Group organized and launched the activity of the training and enhancement of suppliers’ quality ability in a well-planned way. The aim is to urge suppliers to overall enhance quality awareness and consciousness, to carry out advanced quality and production management mode, and to initially adopt active and effective measures to increase all-round management level, so as to increase the quality management and assurance ability, to finally strengthen the overall strength of supply chain and to constantly enhance the international quality image of Yutong Bus.

In this activity, suppliers were organized to visit excellent suppliers in Jiangsu --- Jiangsu Wenguang Vehicle Accessories Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu Chaoli Electric Ltd. Meanwhile, some experts of famous domestic training institutions were invited to the activity --- Mr. Yang Zhenyu from Crosby Management Institute and Mr. Rong Zhiqian from TÜV Rheinland (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., who gave trainings and explanation on “skilled production practice” and “8D method”. During the training, attending suppliers discussed in depth about existing problems in enterprises combining the training contents.

After the conclusion of the activity, suppliers appraised the innovation and attempt of Yutong on the enhancement of suppliers’ ability one after another, and acknowledged Yutong for providing the opportunity of learning. They all indicated that they would overall introduce and promote advanced quality management method and production mode based on the current status of companies, and continue to improve quality management level and product quality.

It is learned that the training & enhancement of suppliers’ quality ability will be held for six times in 2008 till the end of October. The Purchasing Department of the Group will proceed with process verification, quality achievements supervision and special enhancement & reformation for suppliers depending on the quality performance of suppliers, so as to optimize the supplier team and to increase the supply chain strength of Yutong.

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