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Successful Partners of Yutong Convention


On 30 March, Yutong overseas dealers and partners across the world gathered in Zhengzhou to make in-depth discussions with Yutong concerning better development in this financial crisis and how to offer more competitive products and services to customers. Moreover a widely appreciated consensus was achieved regarding the market strategies and working focuses in 2009. Tang Yuxiang, the President of Yutong Group, attended and addressed this convention.

President Tang emphasized that Yutong has always regarded overseas dealers as its strategic cooperation partners and that both parties could overcome difficulties and challenges brought up in the financial crisis without fail and seize the opportunities to achieve sustained development and success provided that the sincere cooperation was conducted under the guideline of “client-centered” concepts.

In this convention, those excellent dealers with outstanding performances were commended and granted with such awards as “The Best Service Award”, “The Best Sales Award” and “Special Contribution Award”. 

During the convention period, the International Marketing Director of Yutong Group, Qin Yangwen accompanied the overseas dealers and cooperation partners present to pay a visit to Yutong industrial park zone, the testing center, the chassis frame electro-coating production line and the bodywork integral electro-coating process; by witnessing the powerful comprehensive strength and advanced techniques of Yutong Bus, they became more assured of their cooperation with Yutong.

On the Soaring Square, the overseas dealers and partners planted a cherry bay, a symbol of friendship, together with Yutong, and the overseas guests also hung leaves engraved with their names and have undergone the electro-coating treatment onto the branch by themselves, implying that Yutong’s new techniques would boost the development of the flourishing business of Yutong Group.



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