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Negative Pressure Ambulance(ZK5043XJH)

Negative Pressure Ambulance(ZK5043XJH)

Medical Vehicle

Negative Pressure Ambulance(ZK5043XJH)

This model is specially developed for the "transport and treatment" stage. It is a special ambulance product for transporting, treating and monitoring patients with infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.


Safe and reliable

Industry's favorite chassis: selected the chassis accounting for 80% in the ambulance platform industry, equipped with ABS safety system. Strong durability: Embedded electrophoretic coating, stainless for 10 years.Fire safety: Patient compartment uses fire-retardant materials. Water safety: Passed all-round high-pressure shower test.

Easy to use

First aid within arm's reach: All medical devices and drugs are within one arm's reach of medical practitioners.


Double negative pressure protection

Equipped with an additional negative pressure isolation compartment to quarantine the patient from the outside world during the whole process.

Negative Pressure Ambulance(ZK5043XJH)
Negative Pressure Ambulance(ZK5043XJH)

Basic parameters

  • ModelZK5043XJH
  • Dimension(mm)4944*1972*2340
  • Interior height (mm)1600
  • Wheelbase (mm)2835


  • Steering wheelLeft rudder
  • Motor model and emission standardsJX493ZLQ5; Euro II, V
  • Fuel typeDiesel
  • Displacement (L)2.77
  • Rated capacity (person)7
  • Maximum speed (km/h)120
  • Interior trimmingPlate
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