Physical Examination Vehicle

Medical Vehicle

Physical Examination Vehicle

Physical Examination Vehicle

According to the function, the interior layout of the physical examination vehicle can be divided into registration & waiting area, DR area, ECG examination area, B-ultrasound examination area, biochemical area and other functional areas.

Inspection area

DR area: The operating table of X-ray machine is set up in the DR area, the double-sliding door structure is used in the door of the DR room to guarantee the circulation of the physical examiners.

ECG examination area: Equipped with an ECG examination bed, workbench and round stool.

B-ultrasound examination area: Equipped with B-ultrasound examination bed, workbench and round stool.

Options: Electrical audiometry room,Gynecological examination room

Physical Examination Vehicle
Physical Examination Vehicle
Physical Examination Vehicle
Registration & waiting area
Physical Examination Vehicle

Equipped with rest chair, registration workbench and independent parking air conditioner.

Biochemical area

Design of L-type biochemical worktable increase the space of desktop, the underpart of the workbench is used for storage drug; four folding chairs are in front of the biochemical workbench, which can be used for waiting when parking and for medical staff to sit when driving.

Physical Examination Vehicle
Physical Examination Vehicle

Basic parameters

  • Engine modelYUCHAI or CUMMINS
  • Dimension(mm)10490*2500*3550
  • G.V.W.(kg)15350
  • Luggage compartment(M3)0.8-2.2
  • Max. speed(km/h)120


  • Chassis manufacturerZhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • Gearbox6-speed manual gearbox
  • Brake systemDrum/Disc brake
  • Suspension systemLeaf spring/Air suspension


  • Air conditioner (A/C)Two A/C systems
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