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12m physical examination vehicle

12m physical examination vehicle

Medical Vehicle

12m physical examination vehicle
12m physical examination vehicle
12m physical examination vehicle
12m physical examination vehicle


12-meter platform (50% customers of this length choose this platform for modification), with roomy space, reasonable layout, standard on-board central A/C, integrated air duct and optional bullet-train curtains, adaptable to various purposes such as general health examination, occupational health examination, eye examination and dental diagnosis and treatment.

DR, Electrical Audiometry, B-ultrasound, ECG, Gynecology, Biochemistry

DR, Ophthalmology, ECG, B-ultrasound, Gynecology

12m physical examination vehicle

Basic parameters

  • Dimension(mm)12000*2550*3860
  • Special configurationWorkbench, examination bed, lifting round stool, DR inspection equipment, electrocardiograph machine, urine analyzer, pulmonary function meter, audiometer, color ultrasound, hematology analyzer, automatic biochemical analyzer, blood storage refrigerator, gynecological examination bed, electrical audiometry room, blood collection, etc. Different special equipment are configured according to different scenarios
  • ApplicationBlood collection, physical examination, dentistry, ophthalmology, cancer screening, vaccination, diagnosis and treatment, etc
  • Base model vehicle platform12 m bus


  • Chassis manufacturerYutong Bus Co., Ltd


  • Seats2-9
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