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Mobile Police Office

Military & police vehicle

Mobile Police Office
Mobile Police Office
Mobile Police Office

Mobile Police Office

According to the function, the interior layout can be divided into office area, operating area and rest area. Office area is equipped with computer& printers. Operating area has equirment cabinet, water dispenser cabinet, etc. And rest area is enclosed. The equipment satisfies office work&law enforcement requirment, realize the network control of each station and form a grid management.

Mobile Police Office

Basic parameters

  • Engine model/
  • Dimension(mm)7190*2240*2850/3010(A/C)
  • G.V.W.(kg)4450
  • Luggage compartment(M3)None
  • Max. speed(km/h)50


  • Chassis manufacturerYutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • Clutch/
  • Gearbox/
  • Brake systemElectric brake system
  • Suspension systemLeaf spring suspension
  • Tire225/70R15C
  • Fuel tank (L)/
  • LHD/RHD/
  • Others/


  • Seats/
  • InteriorsBeige interior, flat floor structure
  • Air conditioner (A/C)Tongleng TCDD-35B roof-mounted A/C
  • Heating system/
  • Audio & video system/
  • Service partsManual outrigger, power supply and distribution system, warning system, lighting system, lightning protection grounding system
  • Other facilities/
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