Mobile CT Vehicle

Mobile CT Vehicle

Medical Vehicle

Mobile CT Vehicle

The vehicle is specially developed for "detection and diagnosis" stage. It can be used to diagnose suspected infected person further to realize fast diagnosis and avoid potential risk of cross-infection.

CT detection efficiency is high:160-200 ppl / 8h.

Advanced CT technology:Low dose lung scan, HD spectral imaging.

Customized CT scanner:CAE analysis, counterweight/lightweight design, full-process production, reliability and seismic performance verification.

Patented power storage system:60 thoracico-abdominal scans per charge. Support 220V/10A charging port, scan while charging.

Mobile CT Vehicle

Basic parameters

  • No-board CT32-detector row 64-slice CT:CT detection for 160-200 persons/8hours
  • Power module48 degree lithium energy storage module:60 thoracico-abdominal scans per charge
  • Lead cabin protectionProtected by 6 lead plates (lead glass):Dose equivalent rate of surrounding area outside the CT cabin shall not be over 2.5μSv/h


  • Parking A/CGREE central A/C, 1-outdoor machine&4-indoor machine:Complete vehicle refrigeration 5.5P
  • Balance deviceIntelligent balance system with horizontal sensor. Auto leveling and one key leveling, to ensure the leveling accuracy:Ensure that complete vehicle balance degree is not affected by road Leveling accuracy: ±0.3°
  • Disinfection and sterilization packageFluorescent light, spray sterilizer:Effectively kill bacterial propagator, bud, mycobacterium, coronavirus, fungus, rickettsia and chlamydia etc.;Lead room negative pressure device:Operation scan pressure≤-10Pa
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