Vaccine Refrigerated Vehicle-ZK5031XLC6

Vaccine Refrigerated Vehicle-ZK5031XLC6

Medical Vehicle

Vaccine Refrigerated Vehicle-ZK5031XLC6

This model is specially developed for "vaccination" stage to ensure cold-chain transportation of vaccines throughout, guaranteeing activity and effect of the vaccine.

Heat insulation performance is good:Adopt high quality polyurethane insulation material Door frame adopts broken cold-bridge structure.


Reliability is high:Adopt full-closed PU plate bonding structure with high strength and non-defrmation; Adopt tinning wire harness whose service life is extended by over 2-3 times than ordinary copper wire.


Intelligence level is high:Temperature and humidity monitoring system is installed in cargo compartment, with over-temperature alarm and other functions; Cloud platform RMS realizes vehicle temperature & humidity data, travel track monitoring and query, etc.

Vaccine Refrigerated Vehicle-ZK5031XLC6
Vaccine Refrigerated Vehicle-ZK5031XLC6

Basic parameters

  • ModelZK5031XLC6
  • Chassis brandFOTON G7
  • EnginePower: 118kW; Gasoline, China VI
  • Overall size (L×W×H)5320*1695*2380mm
  • Maximum speed150km/h
  • Maximum gross weight2860kg


  • Brake systemFront disc rear drum, ABS+EBD
  • Compartment volume5/2.8m³
  • Compartment interior materialFRP skin
  • Ventilation slotFloor and side wall ventilation slots
  • Refrigeration unitThermo King RV200 refrigerator with heating function: refrigerating capacity 2300W at 0℃/30℃, refrigerating capacity 1200W at -20℃/30℃
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring systemData printing, remote monitoring, GPS positioning, alarm etc. realized
  • OptionsReversing camera, central lock, curtain and stainless steel plate interior skin are optional
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