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Every year, Yutong buses totally run 43,000,000,000 kilometers and carry
34,000,000,000 passengers.

Yutong’s Venezuelan Service Station put into operation


On13 March, Yutong’s bus service station in Bolivar, Venezuela, named Servibus Bolivar, was formally set up and put into operation after a years preparation.

Yutong’s customer representatives in Venezuela, representatives from Bolivar Transportation Group, state government representatives, and journalists from local key media took part in the completion ceremony.
Mr. Rafael, the representative of the Governor of Bolivar State, stated in the ceremony that Bolivar State has formally established a friendship with Henan Province in China and that the mutual economic trade and cooperation have been increasingly deepened with the unceasing mutual visits in recent years. In the past decades, Bolivar State has committed itself to improving it’s citizens’ transportation conditions, and Yutong’s powerful bus production ability has deeply impressed people in Bolivar. The establishment of a Yutong service station in Bolivar will effectively improve the service quality of Yutong, consolidate the foundation for cooperation and deepen the mutual trust.

After the visit to the new service station was completed, Mr. Aldana, in charge of vehicles in Venezuela Mining Group, a client of Yutong Group, said that the establishment of Yutong service station in Bolivar made them feel more assured to purchase Yutong buses in the future. Mr. Ezequiee, a journalist from the local key publication Auto Motor, was amazed by Yutong’s well-equipped and dedicated bus service station,something rarely found in Venezuela. In 2009, Yutong will set up two more service stations in Caracas and Puerto La Cruz, respectivelyTogether with the service station in Bolivar, these stations will form a complete Yutong service network in Venezuela.

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