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Every year, Yutong buses totally run 43,000,000,000 kilometers and carry
34,000,000,000 passengers.

Applause in the Yutong bus



Cuba is a passionate country and the people here care for singing and dancing very much. Therefore, music has become an indispensable part of their lives. During the journey, the music keeps playing and passengers also sing and dance in the bus. What’s more, drivers can even refuse to drive buses due to the malfunction of onboard DVD since a journey without music is unbearable. Therefore, the performance of audio and video system on the bus is directly related to the evaluation of a whole vehicle.  

Applause in the Yutong bus

One day evening, a Yutong bus heading Havana, capital city of Cuba, was driving on the road. The music was being played with charming scene on the screen, and the passengers were enjoying the comfort and pleasure during a long journey. Suddenly, the vehicle jolted and the screen went blank. Meanwhile, the music was stopped as well. This stirred up fantod among the passengers. “Why is the music turned off?” someone asked. “Something wrong with the monitor …” answered the driver. He tried to turn on and off the player several time, but there was no reaction. Some passengers began to complain. Wu Jie, Yutong’s after-sales service staff and a professional in repairing audio and video devices, happened to be on the bus going back to Havana after finishing his assignment elsewhere.

Wu stand up while the others were still in heated debate, and said in disfluent English, “Hello, I work for Yutong and I can fix the monitor.”  With the driver’s consent, Wu started his repairing work. Afraid of affecting the journey of the passengers, Wu insisted to check the audio and video device without having the bus stopped. The bus was driving in the dark, and all eyes were focused on Wu. He carefully checked the device item by item, and finally found the circuit board was burned out, which needed to be replaced. Wu rushed to his seat, opened the service kit, took out the circuit board and began his repairing work under the monitor…

There are many curved roads in eastern Cuba. The bus turned left and right from time to time, and Wu’s body also swayed along, bringing some troubles to the repairing work. “Please! Stop the bus and give me five minutes,” Wu had to ask for a stop. Under the dark sky, a bus parking by the roadside, and dozens of Cubans were watching how the Yutong guy repaired the monitor. After a short while, Wu said, “OK! Turn it on, please!” As soon as the button was pressed down, the scene came out of the screen and the music rang out. There was great joy in the passenger compartment. They waved their hands and applauded excitedly, every face was smiling with gratitude words going on.     

Watching Wu bathed in perspiration, the driver asked, “What’s your name? Thank you so much!” “I’m an ordinary Yutong staff”, said Wu with a smile. “Yutong staff” the driver repeated to himself the words while putting his thumb up. The passengers in the bus also cheered for the Yutong guy with warm applause.

The bus started again and headed for the beautiful Havana, along with music and laughters.


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