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Every year, Yutong buses totally run 43,000,000,000 kilometers and carry
34,000,000,000 passengers.

Excellent Service Manager of Yutong’s Service Station in France


RICHERT René works in YUTONG WESTERN EUROPE (Dietrich Carebus Group), Yutong service center in France, and is mainly responsible for technologies, parts and polices of Yutong buses.

In order to ensure the quality improvement of Yutong buses, he has included the bus problems into the PQR system of the service center, cleared up and timely followed up the important problems, effectively improving the product quality. For the management manual of the service center, he has communicated with Yutong for 17 times to ensure that the Yutong’s polices are applicable to France. In this way, we know the local policies and the competitive brands well. In order to improve the after-sales materials of Yutong, he has brought forward his advices so that Yutong has acquired the standard European electric diagram. During the routine problem feedback, he would offer the solution proposal according to the market, which is good for the determination of the final solution and also shortens the troubleshooting period.

In the following is René’s image in our service technicians’ mind:

As one service technician stationed abroad, I often visit different countries and regions and communicate with different people. Some people may impress me deeply, like Rene, technical supervisor of the French service supplier.

Rene is young, but through his hardworking, he has become the technical supervisor of the Company. In the last May when I arrived in France for the first time, what I met then were his endless bus problems, which almost made me mad. After the hardworking of several months, our communication became more and more tacit, and I began to know him well.

Problems must be solved: The parts offered by the company free of charge cannot be added into the system for tracing. He organized a meeting to discuss and determine the solution. He specially appointed a person to take charge of the warranty parts and upload the materials to the system by adding “G” behind the material number, and supervised the parts inventory and use in the system.

Workaholic: the French always get off work on time and must have off days on weekends; but Rene is an exception. He always quickly replies the e-mails that I send on weekends. When he was in China, he still talked about the problem solving progress with his French colleagues at 1:00 o’clock in the morning.

Enthusiastic about new things: in order to establish a fast and convenient communication platform, we proposed the WeChat. He immediately downloaded this platform and added all the people as friends, and also asked his colleagues to use WeChat. Therefore, WeChat has become the standard communication tool of Yutong in France. After he was familiar with the WeChat shaking function, many Chinese were bothered by him.

Focus on details: I will receive his detailed schedule which specifies what to done every hour every time he visits Yutong for communication. Yesterday, I read his outlook diary which recorded his work in details. I admire him very much. He is good at arranging the work according to the priority.

Self-restraint: many people like food and are unable to extricate themselves. So does Rene who likes dessert very much. However, his body figure is always kept well. I had ever asked him for advice, and he told me to restrict the amount of food. The answer is simple but fewer can do it.

Love life: before I saw his motorcycling photos, I could not believe that he is a professional motorcycle racer. In one game, he fell off from the motorcycle and slid for meters, but he got up quickly and continued the game. Good health is the foundation of a fulfilling life. Only with a strong body, can we hold our dreams.

Care about others: when my hands were injured during the bus service, he sent me a message to ask whether I need any help within one hour from another country. To be honest, I, being alone in a foreign country, felt warm by such care. He always asks for my accommodation and arrival time and prepares in advance every time when I visit France.

I’m very lucky to have so many friends in the foreign countries to work together with.

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