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Every year, Yutong buses totally run 43,000,000,000 kilometers and carry
34,000,000,000 passengers.

JACG United Enterprises, Inc


JACG United Enterprises, Inc, Yutong service center in Philippines, responsible for the after-sales service of more than 1100 buses in Philippines. On the Philippines market, there are many clients and the buses are distributed widely. For this, it has specially appointed some person to cooperate with Yutong to visit the clients jointly and know their demands. It not only enhances the skill training of service personnel continuously, but also has the professional service team and service tools. Moreover, for the urgent fault of bus, it can offer the timely and effective service, and is well appraised by the management of the client.

In 2013, this service center completed the PDI inspection of more than 300 new buses before delivery, effectively preventing the bus problems; it arranged the professional service technicians (3 who have received the Yutong training and passed the examination), prepared the complete service equipments and defined the tasks clearly, ensuring the fast, timely and effective service. Therefore, it was well appraised by more than one client.

When visiting the clients jointly with Yutong staff, its employees positively collect the clients’ information demands and feed them back to Yutong via effective reports, thus to provide Yutong with the product improvement advices and ensure that the products adapt to the market better.

This service center has established the client file and the bus service record register to ensure that the bus information is accurate and known. In 2013, it cooperated with Yutong staff to complete the service month, fuel saving game and other campaigns, which got the good response, increased the client care and effectively promoted the bus sales and advanced the clients’ satisfactions.

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