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Every year, Yutong buses totally run 43,000,000,000 kilometers and carry
34,000,000,000 passengers.

Excellent Service Manager of Yutong’s Service Station in Chile – Marcelo


Mr. Marcelo is the service manager in Yutong’s FORTALEZA.S.A service station in Chile. It is said that South American people are lazy and in low efficiency, but you will change your opinion if you know Marcelo. By working with him for one year, Yutong people are deeply impressed by his seriousness and devotion.

Chile is a long and narrow country, and is more than 4300km long from north to south. With its special geographic position, it is difficult to make its service radius within 300km. As a service manager of Yutong, Marcelo shoulders heavy responsibility. He made great efforts to build service stations, from centre service station in Santiago to service stations in different regions. He is always the earliest one to arrive at the company and the last one to leave each day. All his efforts paid off. On one hand, up to September 2013, 4 second-tier service stations have been built, namely Calama, Antofagasta, Concepcion and Puerto Montt; on the other hand, the large-sized mobile service vehicle was built in May 2013, ensuring the rapid and effective service throughout Chile and laying a solid foundation for future market expansion.

To improve the ability of Fortaleza’s service technicians, Marcelo attached great importance to the technical training of service technicians. Since 2013, Marcelo has actively arranged service technicians to learn maintenance skills of engines in Cummins. After knowing that the service technicians of Ecuador service station are skilled and experienced in the service of Qijiang transmissions, Marcelo actively contacted Ecuador service station in September 2013, and sent his service technicians to learn the maintenance skills of transmissions in Ecuador after he obtained approval from leaders, thus ensuring the high repair efficiency of core bus components.

As a service manager, Marcelo has really implemented the service concept of “Customer-orientation”. In June 2013, there was a failure with the ZF transmission on the bus of the client OGM in northern Chile, making the bus out of service. Due to the low working efficiency of local ZF service station, to restore the operation of the client rapidly, Marcelo communicated with the client SIRANDONI who is the owner of an accident vehicle, and persuaded him to lend his transmission to OGM temporarily. Meanwhile, he changed the transmission as soon as possible to ensure the normal operation of the bus. In September 2012, the bus of the client Terrantur in Chile was out of service due to an accident, and two weeks after the bus was repaired, the transmission was damaged again. With the same reason, Marcelo communicated with the leader to purchase a second-hand makeshift transmission for the client to recover the bus quickly and ensure the normal operation.

Although Saturday and Sunday are not working days in Chile, Marcelo almost works every day to ensure the normal operation of buses. He often goes to the client’s premise for training and solution of problems on weekends. Marcelo is high recognized by clients with his passionate and effective service, and has strongly supported the sales work of Yutong buses to improve reputation and popularity of Yutong buses in the Chilean market.

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