Yutong Electric Safety Standard—YESS is researched based on the actual application scenarios of the full vehicle and has eveloped five major protections of "full vehicle, system, box, parts and monitoring" ; it realizes five levels of protection from full vehicle to battery, from parts to system and all links with each other, covering accident patterns comprehensively. The three major improvements of "safety level, full climate capability and road condition adaptability" have been achieved, which escort the safe operation of new energy buses.

Vehicle Protection

Battery compartment anti-crash design

in-depth study of the actual operating conditions of the vehicle, battery units are installed at the top, rear, and bottom of the bus body. It fully considers the collision scenarios of heavy trucks and pickup trucks, targeted improvement of the collision protection structure, meets the strictest standards and comprehensively improves the collision standard.

Protection structure of the vehicle

Introduce ultrahigh-strength steel with tensile strength above 1500MPa, develop "fence type" side collision protection technology, and innovate "cross type" and "H type" force conducting structures to distribute force impacted to side to skirt beam and frame. Owing to these, when a pickup truck of 2.7 tons hits battery compartment of the vehicle at a speed of 50km/h, the compartment intrusion is reduced to below 25mm. The battery package will not be extruded, effectively reducing risk of fire caused by short circuit in case of an intrusion under extreme cases.

Safety structure of battery compartment and passenger compartment

The battery compartment and passenger compartment safety isolation structure adopts steel plates and thermal insulation material for multiple protections. In extreme cases, temperature of battery can reach 1300℃. However, through multiple isolations, the temperature of floor in passenger zone is limited below 90℃. Fire resistance time of isolation protection material is improved from 5min to 2h, providing passengers plenty of time to escapet.

Improve the collision standard by 3-5 times

Side impact test: the pickup truck hit the power battery area at the left rear part of the side of the electric bus at a certain speed, and the battery pack was not crushed after the side impact.

Rear collision

Develop "cage type" rear collision protection structure. Design "cage type" battery frame and alloy energy absorber. By this way, when a truck of 49t hits the new energy bus with offset 30% at a speed of 30km/h, rear of the battery box will not be extruded. The collision energy is 80 times the standard for a passenger vehicle, greatly improving safety protection effect of HV compartment which is located at tail of a new energy bust.

System Protection

Yutong’s first battery nitrogen protection system to realize real-time detection of nitrogen concentration and air tightness.

Yutong’s first battery nitrogen protection system, uses aviation-grade high-purity nitrogen separation technology, replaces the oxygen-containing air in the battery pack with nitrogen, ensures that the cell is in an inert nitrogen environment, so as to effectively block the contact between combustibles and oxygen, and then suppress the further expansion of the battery cell after thermal runaway. At the same time, it cooperates with BMS full-time domain 24-hour monitoring to realize the real-time detection and early warning of the nitrogen concentration and air tightness of the battery pack, which significantly improves battery safety and reliability.

Battery Pack Protection

In-depth study of the short-circuit protection devices can avoid protection blind areas. All battery packs are equipped with short circuit protection device to ensure multi-level system matching protection. In the event of abnormal external overload or short circuits, the failed circuit can be disconnected in time. It satisfies the full range and full working conditions short circuit overload protection,containing the expansion of battery safety accidents at the system level.

The sandwich structure isolation protection system developed by Yutong can withstand long-term burning at 1300 °C for more than 2 hours, realizing effective isolation of internal or external safety hazards.

  • High temperature resistant fireproof layer in the box

  • Refractory cover outside the box

  • Fire test of refractory cover at 1300℃

  • Fire test of refractory cover at 1300℃

Parts Protection

The specially developed multi-pack-level high-efficiency battery liquid heating technology suitable for commercial vehicles is integrated with liquid cooling into an integrated thermal management system. While ensuring the normal operation of the low-temperature environment, the high-voltage heating components in the box are completely eliminated, thereby reducing the risk of high-voltage failure. In conjunction with battery external insulation protection measures, the temperature difference of the battery system can be reduced by 50%.

Monitoring Protection

A 24/7 all time and area battery monitoring system, is developed to monitor battery data in real time.Battery safety, anytime, anywhere, under control.

  • 24/7 all time and area battery monitoring system

  • battery data



Dozens of strict safety tests,ensure operational safety

The bus employs world-class lithium iron phosphate battery that passed dozens of strict safety tests, including overcharging and over discharging, short circuit, drop, puncture, extrusion, heating, vibration, seawater immersion tests, etc.

All battery units fully meet the EU ECE R100 safety test standard.


Adapted to a wide range of operations in the -40℃ ~ 55℃ environment

The equipped ASC protective cover has the functions of fire prevention, cold protection, sun protection and heat insulation. With an efficient liquid cooling and heating system, your vehicle can operate safely, whether it is withstanding the cold and low freezing of minus 40 degrees, or the scorching sun and heat of 55 degrees.


Deserts, ice fields, basins, mountains, stable operations worldwide.

Everest Base Camp, China

Plateau, extreme cold, snowfield and steep slop

Altitude of 4,657- 5,168 meters

Yutong E8 was put into operation at the Mount Everest Base Camp in July 2017.

So far, the vehicle has been operating for over 1,400 days. The high reliability of E8 has demonstrated the technological progress and pioneering spirit of Yutong buses under the extreme environment such as plateau, extreme cold, snowfield and steep slope.

Yunnan, China

Mountain area

From Kunming, Lijiang, Dali, Tengchong to Xishuangbanna, let Yutong accompany you along the way, to meet the most beautiful Yunnan! With an average altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, Yunnan features many mountains and steep slopes.


High temperature

Summer Max. Ambient Temperature 45~48℃

Yutong E12 electric bus, from August to November, the trial operation period covers the summer with maximum temperature of 45 ℃ ~ 48 ℃; During the trial operation, the attendance rate was 100%.

Nordic Countries- Finland / Iceland / Norway / Denmark

High cold

Winter: -14℃-3℃ Summer:13℃-17℃

Under the mysterious aurora light in the Nordic countries, Yutong full electric buses won the trust of customers from Iceland, Denmark, Finland and other countries with cold climate relying on the good environmental adaptability and high-quality services. In October 2020, Norway welcomes the country's largest volume of full electric buses.

Sanya, Hainan, China

High temperature, high humidity, high salinity

Highest temperature up to about 41℃

Tropical coastal city, Oriental Hawaii Right now, let's go to Sanya to see the sea by Yutong double-decker full electric sightseeing bus!


High cold Winter: -40℃-14℃

In december, 2019, 100 units of YUTONG E12 were delivered to Nursultan, capital city of Kazakhstan and the second coldest capital in the world. Intelligent heating + fast heating + warm keeping for the whole vehicle comprehensively adapt to the extremely cold weather in Kazakhstan in winter.

Guizhou province,China

Mountain area

Karst terrain, 92.5% of which is mountainous and hilly

Beautiful Guiyang has different landscapes.Anshun in Guizhou is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Tongren in Guizhou is a historical treasure Where there is scenery, you will not miss it with Yutong!


Plateau city The world's highest metropolitan area

In december, 2019, 63 YUTONG 12-meter trolleybuses In 2020, an additional 80 YUTONG 12-meter trolleybuses and 50 YUTONG 18-meter trolleybuses were delivered to the market.

They are running in Mexico City, the world's highest metropolitan area, witnessing the perfect integration and inheritance of ancient Mayan civilization and modern technologies.

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