This model is specially developed for the "specimen collection" stage, with the characteristics of safety, efficiency and flexibility, being suitable for nucleic acid sampling under various emergency scenarios.
Strong sampling capacity
1000 specimens / 8h.
PPE for sampling personnel
Contactless sampling to avoid cross infection.
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This well-equipped model is a mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory specially developed for the "detection and diagnosis" stage.
Strong ability of nucleic acid specimen testing
Specimen mixed testing 1,000 specimens within 8 hours (five specimens tested together);Tradition arrangement 200 specimens within 8 hours.
Strong safety performance
Up to level P2 biosafety laboratory standards. Standard PCR partition design.
Visual smart control system
Real-time monitoring of dynamic pressure difference. Monitoring and control of temperature and humidity. Fault alam.
Air conditioning and purifying system
Level 7 purification standard. Directional aimlow.
Highly integrated facilities for water, electricity, air supply and exhaust, waste water treatment and medical disinfection.
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The vehicle is specially developed for "detection and diagnosis" stage. It can be used to diagnose suspected infected person further to realize fast diagnosis and avoid potential risk of cross-infection.
CT detection efficiency is high
160-200 ppl / 8h.
Advanced CT technology
Low dose lung scan, HD spectral imaging.
Customized CT scanner
CAE analysis, counterweight/lightweight design, full-process production, reliability and seismic performance verification.
Patented power storage system
60 thoracico-abdominal scans per charge. Support 220V/10A charging port, scan while charging.
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This model is specially developed for the "transport and treatment" stage. It is a special ambulance product for transporting, treating and monitoring patients with infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.
Safe and reliable
Industry's favorite chassis: selected the chassis accounting for 80% in the ambulance platform industry, equipped with ABS safety system. Strong durability: Embedded electrophoretic coating, stainless for 10 years.Fire safety: Patient compartment uses fire-retardant materials. Water safety: Passed all-round high-pressure shower test.
Easy to use
First aid within arm's reach: All medical devices and drugs are within one arm's reach of medical practitioners.
Double negative pressure protection
Equipped with an additional negative pressure isolation compartment to quarantine the patient from the outside world during the whole process.
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This model is specially developed for the stage of "medical waste disposal ", which can realize the rapid transfer of medical waste while ensuring safety.
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Designed for

hygiene and safety

Round shaped corners in compartment makes it easy for cleaning UV sterilization lamps installed in the vehicle.

High compartment


Compartment structure featuring Italian technology, high-strength binding material improves reliability and prevents deformation.

Great thermal insulation

and sealing performance

High-quality polyurethane insulation plate (PU plate) is used.

Corrosion resistant

and easy to disinfect

Stainless steel inner plate endures corrosive disinfectant.



This model is specially developed for "vaccination" stage to ensure cold-chain transportation of vaccines throughout, guaranteeing activity and effect of the vaccine.
Heat insulation performance is good
Adopt high quality polyurethane insulation material Door frame adopts broken cold-bridge structure.
Reliability is high
Adopt full-closed PU plate bonding structure with high strength and non-defrmation; Adopt tinning wire harness whose service life is extended by over 2-3 times than ordinary copper wire.
Intelligence level is high
Temperature and humidity monitoring system is installed in cargo compartment, with over-temperature alarm and other functions; Cloud platform RMS realizes vehicle temperature & humidity data, travel track monitoring and query, etc.
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This model is specially developed for the "vaccination" stage, and it can go into communities and schools, etc. to provide convenient immunization services.
High vaccination efficiency
Vaccinate 20-30 people per hour.
Onboard smart vaccination management system
Auxiliary vaccination table enables fast and accurate vaccination. Real-time uploading of vaccination records, fully traceable during the whole process.
Flexible switch between different power sources
Easy switch between power grid and power generator to ensure vaccine safety.
Cold-chain storage
Controlled by microcomputer with temperature display and alarm system. Keep vaccines within the right temperature range for up to seven days without electricity.
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