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Adopting reliable raw materials and advanced technologies, and supported by engine thermal management system, TSM intelligent operation system and so on, Yutong products feature good fuel efficiency, durability and reliability, as well as excellent handling and convenient maintenance properties via rigorous verification, which are more reliable and comfortable.

City bus

Regarding to the fuel consumption, the whole vehicle weight has a bigger impact on a city bus than a coach. Conducting CAE finite element analysis on the framework of whole vehicles, Yutong postdoctoral workstation has optimized the vehicle structure, re-selected the specification of profiles to cut the weight of vehicles without reducing the strength of vehicles, and developed the third generation city bus products with industry-leading level. Possessing the reliable technical guarantee such as the electrocoating technique that makes buses more anti-corrosive and durable, and through advanc...


Adopting reliable raw materials and advanced technologies, and supported by engine thermal management system, TSM intelligent operation system and so on, Yutong products feature good fuel efficiency, durability and reliability, as well as excellent handling and convenient maintenance properties after rigorous verification.

Airfield bus

Yutong ZK6140BD airfield bus is a high-quality vehicle specially designed for the transportation of passengers on the airfield to meet their actual demands.

Special vehicle

The main products are RV and business purpose vehicle series, engineering and full aluminum vehicle series, system integration series, medical vehicle series and so on. Yutong has successively launched business purpose vehicles, recreational vehicles, blood collection vehicles, physical examination vehicles, ambulances, engineering vehicles, airfield buses, aluminum-body city buses, learner-driven vehicles, products display vehicles, mobile library vehicles, sightseeing bus and other products featuring high technical content, sophisticated product structure and reliable quality to meet the d...

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