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Data Protection Rights Request

Data Protection Rights Request

Appendix : Data Protection Rights Request

For questions related to submitting a request, please contact us by:


Address: Yutong Industry Park, shibalihe, Zhengzhou, Henan province, China

1.Please fill in your current contact details

Name (Company or Representative) :


Contact Information:

please list the VIN number of Bus(es) you purchased from us(Fill in the contract number for bulk purchase):

2.What right do you want to exercise?

Withdraw consent

If you have given your consent to processing of personal data relating to you, and wish to withdraw it.

Right of access

If you want a confirmation that we process personal data relating to you, information about the processing, access to the personal data, or a copy of it.

Right to rectification

If the personal data relating to you is incorrect or needs updating. This also includes making supplementary statements.

Right to erasure

If you want us to delete personal data relating to you, provided that certain conditions are met.

Right to restriction of processing

If you want us to stop processing personal data relating to you, but not delete it.

Right to data portability

If you want a copy of the personal data relating to you, or want to have it transferred to another company.

Right to object to processing

If you have reason to believe that our processing of personal data relating to you does not meet the high ambitions we have set out, you may object to the processing.

Right to human intervention

If you think that you have been subject to an important decision that has been made without the assistance of a person, you may request that a person assesses the decision.

3.If none of these rights, as set out by applicable data protection law, describes what you want to request, please describe your request here. If possible, try to avoid giving us any further information that may be regarded as personal data when you describe your request.

4.If you don't want us to collect or process any of information in relating to your buses (which may be deemed as personal data):

VIN Numbers

Means the Vehicle Identification Number of your buses


Means the GPS data of your Buses

Driving Behaviour

Means the Driver’s behaviours relating to the Bus operation

Vehicle information

Means the performance information related to the Buses components

(CAUTION: The select of above items may lead to a suspension all or part of the Services.)

Data Protection Rights Request


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