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Meeting customer needs and solving pain points

Integrated New Energy Solutions

Based on long-term exploration of the mobility field, Yutong has been continuously innovating products and providing customers with diversified product portfolio solutions, IoV solutions and service package solutions in different segments to meet their personalized and differentiated needs.

Charging Station Planning
Charging Station Construction

New Energy Vehicle Management

  • Charging station
  • School
  • Dispatching center
  • Data center
  • Maintenance center
  • Transport center

Exclusive Service for Your Bus

  • Global Professional Service Network
    Global Professional Service Network

    We have set up professional service outlets of new energy buses in France, the UK, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Denmark and other countries, in which professional testing equipments are equipped and troubleshooting services are provided.

  • Online Troubleshooting Services
    Online Troubleshooting Services

    For new buses, our service team of new energy buses will be stationed at the customer's location to track the vehicles online and perform troubleshooting on site.

  • Diversified Training Services
    Diversified Training Services

    We can provide various trainings, such as on-site training, centralized training, theoretical training, hands-on training and online training.

Yutong offers you more solutions

  • Tournament Solutions

    Provided more than 1,500 Yutong buses, including 888 BEVs, for the World Cup 2022; established a service team of 126 people to provide high-standard services and ensure the smooth operation of vehicles during the event; trained 3,000 drivers in vehicle driving, maintenance and repair.

  • Integrated Urban Solutions

    Based on the long-term exploration in the travel field, Yutong continuously innovates products and provides customers with diversified product mix solutions for different segments such as long- distance coach, tourist coach, commuter coach, school bus and city bus to meet customer's personalized and differentiated needs and promote the sustainable, healthy and benign development of the whole industry.


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