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June 28,2024

Yutong U series EV Bus: The Urban Public Transportation Solutions


As cities swell and streets become more congested, the pressure on public transportation systems has intensified. Now, people prefer to use public transportation in large numbers, which also means that there is a need to upgrade existing public transportation facilities more than ever. In the heart of the city, where space is at a premium, the quest for efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing transportation solutions is more critical than ever. Urban bus systems are redesigned to conquer the challenges of short to medium distances, cater to large passenger capacities, and enhance the city's scenic beauty.

To mitigate this issue, sustainable upgrades like using EV buses to mass transport people are necessary. This progression not only supports environmental initiatives but also aligns with the growing need for efficient and large-scale transport options in densely populated areas.

Yutong brings the practical solution - U series EV buses: U11DD, U12, U13, and U18. These models represent a leap forward in urban transportation, addressing the multifaceted needs of city dwellers. Let's discover how these EV buses are set to redefine our urban landscapes and enhance the rhythm of city life!

Yutong U series EV Bus: The Urban Public Transportation Solutions

Directions to Increase the Capacity of New Energy Buses

Two innovative strategies have been adopted to expand the capacity of new energy EV buses. These strategies include:

Horizontal Space Extension

This approach involves expanding the bus's length to a desirable size in order to accommodate more people. Standard models are extended to 12 or 13 meters, with some articulated buses expanding all the way up to 18 meters. These longer buses are segmented with flexible joints and act as a game changer on busy city routes where high passenger volume is common.

Vertical Spatial Extension

Another common approach to accommodating more people in an EV bus is to add an additional floor to the bus and make it a double-decker facility. As the name suggests, these buses effectively double the passenger capacity without increasing the horizontal space needed to accommodate the vehicle on the road. Double-decker buses are becoming extremely common in many cities globally, and passengers even prefer the iconic red double-decker bus just to get panoramic views of cities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Three Types of Buses

All three types of EV buses come with their own pros and cons. Here is how:

12- and 13-meter electric buses

These buses are popular for their operational flexibility and cost-efficiency, which makes them famous among transit authorities as well as travelers.

Their mature technology ensures reliability and ease of maintenance, which is crucial for frequent urban routes. Usually, you will see these buses having a capacity of 60 to 72 passengers, depending upon the exact length of the bus. Also, their operating cost is highly affordable since they can cover more than 420 km of driving range.

As these buses have been around for a long period of time, they are most famous among travelers. The only downside of this EV bus is its lower capacity compared to other types, which eventually translates into more buses to accommodate rising urban needs.

18-meter articulated electric buses

Electric bus companies are designing these buses for dense city routes and represent the highest capacity in urban bus transportation. The articulated design allows for a significantly larger number of passengers.

Almost 115 passengers can board this EV bus.They offer a comfortable ride and are more energy-efficient than double-decker buses due to their reduced air resistance.

The biggest disadvantage of this EV bus is the increase in turning radius which means that they need a large area to make a turn, not to mention that some passengers get worried about their safety in these buses due to their large structure.

Double-decker buses

Double-decker buses, with their iconic design, offer passengers a panoramic view of the cityscape, making them an ideal choice for sightseeing tours. Double-deckers carry a lot of passengers and are a good choice for busy routes. They maximize vertical space to increase capacity and are ideal for routes without height restrictions.

These buses are often used in places with significant tourist traffic, like Hong Kong, as they offer excellent viewing opportunities and can reduce street-level congestion. 

Yutong U Series Covers All Your Needs

Yutong's U-series showcases a range of buses designed for urban and touristic transportation. The U11DD, U12, U13, and U18 models combine advanced safety features, energy efficiency, and passenger comfort.

U11DD: This 11-meter double-decker bus stands out in the U-series for handling high passenger volumes, especially in touristic and main road operation scenarios. It accommodates up to 70 seats to accommodate the bustling city crowds during peak hours. Its industry-first battery protection system ensures the highest level of safety, while its innovative use of materials results in a 20% reduction in weight, translating to an impressively low energy consumption rate of just 0.7kWh/km.

U12: This Yutong electric bus is 12 meters long, fits up to 72 passengers, and is equipped with a 422 kWh battery. It offers a range of over 432 km on a single charge. The U12 combines functionality and aesthetic appeal with its advanced interior and exterior design, making it a preferred choice for urban routes.

U13: Similar to the U12 but slightly longer at 13 meters, the U13 can carry 72 passengers and shares the same battery capacity and safety standards. Its extended length allows for more seating and a comfortable interior.

U18: The largest of the series, the Yutong U18, captures the essence of urban elegance with its award-winning design that graces city streets. Its articulated body system and optimized interior layout maximize space, allowing it to carry up to 120 passengers with ease. Coupled with an intelligent monitoring platform, this vehicle promises a seamless and secure journey, with data-driven insights that keep the urban commute in the palm of your hand.

Yutong U series EV Bus: The Urban Public Transportation Solutions

Below is a table summarizing the specifications of each model:

Yutong U series EV Bus: The Urban Public Transportation Solutions


Yutong's U-series buses exemplify a significant advancement in sustainable urban transport solutions. Through models like the U11DD, U12, U13, and U18, we seamlessly integrate high passenger capacity with strong battery performance and extensive ranges to meet the demands of both crowded city environments and scenic touristic routes.


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