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Trade Compliance

As a globally renowned bus manufacturer, Yutong firmly adheres to the compliance operation concept, respects the transaction culture of various countries in the world, follows international trade rules and practices, and abides by relevant laws and regulations on export control of international organizations, countries or regions such as the United Nations, China, the United States and the European Union. In terms of enterprise production materials, the Company shall carry out relevant research to understand the BOM source and the proportion of each item contained in the product, to comply with relevant legal requirements. In terms of external sales of products, all links such as export, re-export and transfer shall be controlled to monitor the flow direction of products. In terms of transaction partners, we shall investigate their basic situation, understand the application scenario of our products, and establish a strict blacklist system.

Yutong attaches great importance to the construction of internal compliance system, sets up professional compliance personnel, pays attention to inter-industry exchanges, strengthens cooperation with professional institutions, masters cutting-edge compliance trends and compliance concepts, and integrates them into the enterprise compliance management system. Additionally, Yutong clarifies export control strategies and basic principles, identifies compliance elements, defines management departments and responsibilities, and establishes a monitoring mechanism from procurement to sales, technology to management. The company also sets up a compliance incident response and operation mechanism, pays attention to cultivating employees' compliance awareness, and organizes multi-form and multi-level training for employees with the involvement of professional law firms, internal legal personnel, and compliance personnel.

Yutong is dedicated to building a harmonious, win-win, compliant, and orderly supply chain system by strengthening the management of transaction processes with partners, cooperating with cutting-edge institutions in the industry to enhance potential customer research and blacklist user management, and building a compliance environment with partners.

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