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Arise at the right moment——Yutong ZK6132H

2014-10-20 -

Taking into account the market characteristics of South America, Yutong developed ZK6132H bus, a lengthen version based on the common platform of ZK6122H series. Inheriting the catching front wall and luxury interiors of ZK6122H9 and keeping the large passenger capacity and large luggage compartment advantages of lengthened ZK6129H, the ZK6132H has a more innovative styling and more excellent handling performances. It exceeded the planned sales volume by 87.5% after being launched for one year, achieving good results among the best-selling bus models of Yutong’s overseas market. Good-looking appearance, super large space and first-class quality make the vehicles a moving scenery in the South American market.

Arise at the right moment——Yutong ZK6132H

The 12.65-meter length of ZK6132H enables the seat capacity to reach over 50. The enlarged luggage compartment volume improves the operational capability of the vehicle and greatly increases the operating income. Due to the mountainous feature in the South America, the 380-horsepower engine is equipped to make the vehicle have a powerful performance and good gradeability. The ZF manual transmission makes shifting more convenient. The Voith eddy current retarder perfectly meets the requirement of long-time brake while driving down a slope in the mountainous area and avoids the failure of brake disc. The unique thermal management system of engine is adapted to the high temperature environment in South America and its cooling performance is superior to that of the counterparts. The partition structure makes the driver free of disturbance and greatly improves the safety. Two 300L plastic fuel tanks can effectively cut the weight of the whole vehicle. The full-steel body with annular frame member technology features high structural strength and good energy absorption performance, thus effectively improving the passive safety of vehicles.

In the early stage of design and production, ZK6132H has gone through the analysis of FMEA, CAE and the Experiment Center so as to improve the efficiency, reduce the risk and save the unnecessary losses. Taking the strength and rigidity of the vehicle and ergonomics into account, the layout inside the vehicle is rational. During the production, strict quality control was conducted to ensure the fineness of the product. The NVH test of the whole vehicle achieved a good result after the prototype was completed, since great efforts had been made in terms of the improvement of NVH performance indicators in the earlier stage.

Arise at the right moment——Yutong ZK6132H

Yutong actively responded the related issues raised by the customers after the product was launched in a bid to improve the adaptability of the product in the target area. Respecting the rise of the homologation threshold in Ecuador, the related departments of Yutong worked together, timely improved the non conformities and ultimately obtained the first authentication certificate of Chinese buses in Ecuador in 2014 which would greatly help the sales of Yutong buses in the local area in the future. Inheriting the advantages of Yutong large-sized buses, ZK6132H will forge ahead into the future and make contribution to the fulfillment of the annual sales planning 2014 of Yutong.

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