Yutong Yutong Yutong
Yutong Yutong Yutong
December 28,2023

Instructions for Alcolock Installation


If your vehicle needs to be equipped with an alcolock device to meet EU 2021/1243 regulation, so as to reduce traffic accidents caused by drunk driving and improve traffic safety, you can obtain the instruction for alcolock installation on corresponding vehicles through YUTONG CSP APP. This instruction document matches the Dräger Interlock 7000/7500 system, and you can purchase relevant accessories directly locally or through Yutong.

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Instructions for Alcolock InstallationInstructions for Alcolock Installation

Query path: Log in to the APP - Click the "Data inquiry" menu on the homepage - Click and select the VIN (if no VIN, it needs to be bound) - Click "Product Instructions".

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