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Introduction to Anti-counterfeiting Label and Material Cards

  • Anti-fake label identification method
  • Material cards identification methods
  • Supervision and reporting channels

Anti-fake label identification method

How to identify the new anti-counterfeiting labels: "Three details and one QR code"

Detail 1: paper

The new anti-counterfeiting label features window-opening security paper with customized security lines buried during production, using RMB anti-counterfeiting technology. Letters "ZPFW" are made on each line to enhance anti-counterfeiting effects;

Detail 2: image

The new anti-counterfeiting label features 4 boxes,in each of which points are made with ultramicro image technology. The number of points in each of the 4 boxes corresponds to the last 4 digits of the digital anti-counterfeiting code below respectively;

Detail 3: color

The QR code of the anti-counterfeiting label is made with color change technology. Four colors are used, corresponding to the last group (4 digits) of the 4 groups of digits in the digital anti-counterfeiting code above.

QR code scanning: the scrape-off holographic coating allows you to scan the QR code with WeChat to check the authenticity.

The following two screens appear as false:

1. Yutong public number interface;

2. Fake Yutong's anti-counterfeiting interface.

Material cards identification methods

How to identify the new material cards: "two details".

Detail 1: laser special effects

Similar technology of RMB security line; the visual effect like silver plating; "Yutong" characters displayed in the silver light special effects.

Detail 2: layout information

①Material No. ② Material name ③Quantity ④Supplier code ⑤Date of manufacture

Supervision and reporting channels:

For coolant, AdBlue, air filter, diesel engine filter, clutch, wiper, lamp and adjusting arm,Yutong has provided them with new version of anti-counterfeiting labels and material cards since May 20, 2023. For products of other categories, the labels and cards will be gradually switched. You are welcome to actively report and safeguard your rights and interests.

Informants' hotline: 400-659-6666

E-mail: sales@yutong.com

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