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As a world-class electric bus manufacturer, Yutong has a series of 5-18 m battery electric buses for sale to meet the needs of sustainable cities with highly reliable and durable public buses.

Sustainable Public Transport Solutions

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New Energy Technology

  • Control

  • Battery

  • Power

  • Multi-in-One Sic Power Domain Controller
    • Maximum Efficiency 99.5%

    • System Weight Reduction 50%

    • Energy Consumption Lowered by 5%

  • A New Generation of High-Safety
    Super-Powered Batteries
    • Sandwich fire protection structure, nitrogen protection system, 2m×72h extreme waterproof, 1300°C extreme fire protection

    • High specific energy cell, highly integrated structural design, volume density increased by 38%, space saving by 40%

    • High-strength structural design, efficient temperature uniformity, intelligent balance, service life of 0.3 ~ 1.5 million kilometers

  • New-Generation Efficient and Lightweight Integrated E-Axle
    • High-Speed Less-Stage Transmission

    • Low Sliding Ratio and Large Speed Ratio Gear

    • Road Spectrum for New Energy Commercial Vehicle

Best Service for Your Bus

Yutong's self-built one-stop service ecology provides comprehensive maintenance services for you. Relying on Yutong cloud technology, we will proactively identify user needs and provide a full service experience beyond expectations.


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