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Every year, Yutong buses totally run 43,000,000,000 kilometers and carry
34,000,000,000 passengers.

Rebirth with upgrades——Yutong ZK6129HQ


The Yutong ZK6129HQ series is a completely new generation product specially designed for the market segment of passenger transportation in Europe. It is based on the best-selling product ZK6129H and continues with the good-looking styling and luxury interiors of ZK6129H. Yutong has very carefully improved the design of the vehicle in many different areas, such as the addition of the independent suspension to improve steering and handling whilst reducing the turning circle to make the coach more maneuverable, improved emissions, enlarged luggage compartment and upgraded seats and interior style. Driver ergonomics and maintenance accessibility are also improved.

Rebirth with upgrades——Yutong ZK6129HQ

With the length slightly increased to 12.28 meters, the ZK6129HQ can hold up to 55 seats, and is available in both LHD and RHD versions, with either middle or rear door as well as toilet available as options. In addition, the increased volume of the luggage compartment enhances the operating capacity of the vehicle as customers continually require more luggage space. The DAF MX11-291 engine, with larger power output, gives smooth stable power output and 24/7 service through the European DAF network takes away your worries.

Rebirth with upgrades——Yutong ZK6129HQ

The ZF automatic transmission delivers reliable performance, making it easier for you to drive the vehicle, and the latest in-built ZF Ecolife program enables the driver to select either power performance mode or high fuel-efficiency. The optional KICKDOWN function ensures safe overtaking whilst the hydraulic retarder in the gearbox provides reassurance while driving on long downhill stretches of road. The reliable hydraulic cooling system adapts to the European climate from north to south and outperforms its competitors in terms of the cooling performance.

Rebirth with upgrades——Yutong ZK6129HQ

A 450-liter plastic fuel tank helps reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. The annular frame member structure of the bus body with high structural strength and good energy absorption performance greatly improves the passive safety performance of the vehicle. The newly added compartment above the wheel makes full use of the space and improves the appearance of the vehicle. The passenger seat fixings are designed to apply the quick disassembled structure, and the optional safety door and wheel chair lifting device can alter the bus into a vehicle dedicated for the disabled. Softened partitions as well as USB charging interface for each passenger show our attention to every detail.

Rebirth with upgrades——Yutong ZK6129HQ

Through the analysis of FMEA, CAE, experiment center and so on in the preliminary phase of design and production, the ZK6129HQ series improves efficiency, reduces risk and saves unnecessary losses. During the engineering process, the rigidity, strength and ergonomics have been fully taken into account within the basic design and layout of the vehicle.

During the production process, Yutong attaches great importance to quality control and makes every effort to improve the build quality and workmanship. Since we have made great efforts on the NVH indexes, a good result has been achieved after the completion of the prototype while conducting the NVH test.

Yutong is also very serious about the conformity of the whole vehicle to the related regulations, from planning through to certification and packaging, from on-site inspection by certification experts to the verification of various certification items in advance. All these works ensure the conformity of Yutong buses to the related regulations.

After the launch of the product, Yutong actively responded to customer feedback and further enhanced and adapted the product to the market requirements. We believe that the ZK6129HQ series will continue to inherit the reliable quality of all Yutong buses and coaches, achieve good sales results in the EU bus market and help support and continue Yutong’s success in the European market.

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