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Every year, Yutong buses totally run 43,000,000,000 kilometers and carry
34,000,000,000 passengers.

Yutong in Europe

Market Overview

As the birthplace of the world bus industry, Europe has an important influence on the global bus market. The European market is one of Yutong’s strategic markets. Yutong is dedicated to becoming a global brand and the world’s major bus supplier, therefore the company is particularly cautious about the entry into the European market as well as the management of quality control, especially the management of product and service quality control.

On the basis of product quality and overseas s...

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Market Overview


  • General Manager of European and North American Market

    General Manager of European and North American M...

    Most of the internationally renowned bus brands are from Europe. Currently, Europe represents the development trend of bus technologies, and plays

  • Yutong, your best value purchase

    Yutong, your best value purchase

    The Pelican business was founded in 1919 just after the end of the First World War by the grandfather of the current owner using money given to him by the army when they no longer needed his services. The com...

  • Interview PReinhart Yutong Entre Nous  Septembre 2014

    Interview PReinhart Yutong Entre Nous Septembre...

    A:What aspects do the European customers care about while purchasing buses? Today in France and in the Western Europe, the bus & coach market could be defined as mature. They are also markets in full economi...

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