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Yutong's Family Products Series-IC/EC12,IC/EC13

2016-03-25 -

IC/EC12-IC/EC13 series is specially designed for the market segments of intercity buses and school buses in Europe based on the best-selling IC/EC12 intercity bus in Europe. It has formed a set of family products. Inheriting the good-looking styling and elegant interiors of IC/EC12, it adds a new kind of interiors for school buses, and meanwhile it improves the performance of the vehicles, extends the independent suspension with large angle, improves the emissions and expands several sets of performance matching parameters, thus making the whole family products rich and full. It can climb the Alps and roam on the plains in Eastern Europe; and it can also gallop on EU’s intercontinental expressway and run in the streets of ancient cities in Western Europe. The presence of the series enables Yutong to have all-weather and multi-purpose family products for the first time.

Yutongs Family Products Series-IC/EC12,IC/EC13

With the length of 12.365 meters, IC/EC12 can hold 59 seats to the maximum, while the 13.065-meter IC/EC13 can have max. 63 seats. In addition, the increased volume of the luggage compartment enhances the operating capacity of vehicles and gives considerable increase on the operating income of single trip for customers. It can act as intercity bus or school bus, continuously bringing value for you with multiple application purposes.

The DAF MX11-240 engine gives a stable power support and the 24/7 service takes away your worries. Automatic transmission and manual gearbox are available for you to choose, and the manual gearbox applies new technology of air assistance, getting the gear shifting easier and improving the driving pleasure of drivers. The perfectly matched retarder makes you feel relieved even while driving downhill with longtime brake.

The thermal management system of engine can adapt to the European climate from north to south and the longitudinal-mounted tank outperforms its competitors in terms of the cooling performance. The 350L plastic fuel tank efficiently cuts the weight of the whole vehicle. The annular frame member structure of bus body with high structural strength and good energy absorption performance greatly improves the passive safety performance of the vehicle.

Through the analysis of FMEA, CAE, experiment center and so on in the preliminary phase of design and production, the IC/EC12-IC/EC13 series improves the efficiency, reduces risk and saves unnecessary losses. During the engineering process, the rigidity, strength and ergonomics have been fully taken into account with rational layout of the vehicle. During the production process, Yutong also attaches great importance to the quality control and makes great efforts on the fineness improvement of the workmanship.

Since we have made great efforts on the NVH indexes in the early time, a good result has been achieved after the completion of the prototype while conducting the NVH test. Yutong is also serious about the conformity of the whole vehicle to the related regulations, from planning to certification and packaging, from on-site inspection by certification experts to the verification of various certification items in advance, all these work ensured the conformity of Yutong buses to the related regulations.

After the launch of the product, Yutong actively responded the feedbacks of customers and enhanced the adaptability of the product in the market. We believe that the IC/EC12-IC/EC13 series will continue to inherit the reliable quality of Yutong buses, achieve good sales result in the bus market of EU and help support Yutong’s success in the European market.

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